Video Titles - Page 1: Australia Day, Let My Heart Be Home With You At Christmastime, I Dreamed I Was A Cowboy Again. Page 2: Good Time Radio, Follow Your Dream, Boots of Many Colours. Page 3: Along The Road To Gundagai, Smoky Dawson and The Howie Brothers - TV ads, Favourite Songs - TV ads. Page 4: Singalong With The Howie Bros - TV ads, 100 Songs To Sing In The Shower - TV ads, Memories - TV ads. Page 5: Singalong with The Howie 1 - TV ads, Singalong with The Howie Bros 2 - TV ads, Getting Sentimental - TV ads. Page 6: Songs We Sang At Home - TV ads, Singalong Christmas - TV ads, Fields of Anthenry Page 7: Danny Boy, Love Songs Collection, 20 Love Songs TV ad. Page 8: Singalong with The Howie Bros., The Celtic Collection
Australia Day is from our album called "The Lost Tapes"
Let My Heart Be Home With You At Christmastime is from "The Australian Collection" 2CD Set, & "Singalong Christmas" CD's
I Dreamed I Was A Cowboy Again is from our "40 Cowboy Songs" 2CD Set by
The Howie Brothers/Wayne Horsburgh GL 035
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